What to Know About Choosing a Behavioral Health Solution for Your Center

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2020


On the surface, behavioral health software offers similar features to what is used in medical facilities. Both can help you manage administrative, operational and clinical tasks. However, software designed for behavioral health practices also includes case management functions.

Things to Consider for Behavioral Health Options

There are many versions of software on the market today for facilities like yours. So, the first thing you want to consider when making a selection is the setting in which you operate.

Whether you have an outpatient clinic, rehab center or private office, each setting has specific challenges and needs. Decide how much help is necessary before you begin comparing different software options.

Features of a Behavioral Health Solution

Typically, a behavioral health software solution includes management features such as:

• Administration: compliance, authorization tracking, contracts, employee workflow, reporting and security rules.

• Case Management: evaluations/assessments, clinical documentation, treatment plans and progress notes from individuals and/or teams.

• Medication: prescriptions, drug interactions and drug allergies, medication screening and recalls.

• Records: authorization/eligibility, demographics, follow-up reminders and clinical referrals.

• General Practice: employee scheduling, appointments, invoicing and billing, inventory management and claims processing.

Software for behavioral health practices come in many variations. As you review different options, the key is finding one that fits your core processes. These are what will dictate the features and functionality you need.

Come to Us for an Easy and Simple Software Solution

AZZLY Rize offers an all-in-one system designed for behavioral healthcare facilities. Stop by our website today at https://azzly.com/ for more details on how we can help you improve the management of your practice.

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