What to Know About Hydraulic Pump Repairs in Aurora

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


There are four primary types of hydraulic pumps that supply fluid to the rest of the components of the hydraulic system. Gear and vane pumps are simple and cost-effective. Radial and axial piston pumps are more expensive but can operate at higher pressures. These are found in the hydraulic systems for heavy-duty machinery, complex motors, and high-powered applications, such as oil rigs. Knowing a few things about Hydraulic Pump Repair in Aurora can prevent major issues from plaguing the business. The slow operation, longer cycle times, and erratic movements may indicate a problem with the pump. Because the pump supplies all the fluid, the entire system is compromised if the pump ceases to function correctly and has to be repaired or replaced.

That can mean extensive downtime, drastically reduced productivity, and missed deadlines. All those situations could potentially cost businesses a lot of time and money, on many levels. The failed deadlines, for example, could lead to a loss of contracts. Reduced productivity results in losses in revenue and Hydraulic Pump Repair in Aurora can get expensive if it becomes major. The first thing for business owners to consider is hiring an experienced company, such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc, for example, to provide routine preventative maintenance for hydraulic systems. Keeping pumps operating efficiently, detecting repairs while still minor, and ensuring the system has proper fluid amounts is a cost-effective way to protect the business machinery and equipment.

It is also important to know how repairs on pumps and other components are tested. Some companies do not have the capacity for proper testing. They can visually inspect repairs, carefully perform each step, and retain highly-trained technicians but cannot complete thorough testing. Advanced equipment for testing in the shop, and in the field, ensures repairs are durable and of the highest quality. Running pumps through a trial of normal use will reveal any further issues, alert technicians to defects in parts, and result in a pump that will operate efficiently. Comparing experience and capabilities of companies will provide owners with all they need to know about pump repairs. Protecting the investment in hydraulic equipment is crucial to the success of the business, so do not leave operations to chance.

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