What Type of Pallet in Austin Would Work Best?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Owning a small business often means operating some type of warehouse. To organize raw materials and finished goods to best effect, it pays to invest in the right type of pallets. There is more than one kind of Pallet in Austin to consider. Here are some examples of points to ponder before making any purchase.

The Materials

Just about everyone has seen a wooden Pallet in Austin before. This option is easily the most traditional and is still popular with many company owners. One of the perks associated with wooden pallets is that repairing them is a simple process. With a new piece of plank and some nails, it is possible to undo the damage and get several more years of use from the pallet. In terms of being cost effective, this option is hard to beat.

Plastic pallets are also a practical solution. They tend to hold up well, and are capable of supporting a lot of weights. Like their wooden counterparts, they can be stacked or placed in pallet racks in order to make the best use of the available storage space. While they may cost a little more than wood pallets, the plastic ones are less subject to damage and will provide service for many years.

Metal pallets are not something that immediately comes to mind, but they work well in a number of settings. The durability of the metal helps to ensure that heavier goods are supported properly. There are no worries about deterioration since the metal is treated to resist rusting.

The Size and Design

Pallets come in a wide range of sizes and designs. That makes it easier to determine which type would work well with the lifts used in the business operation. For example, a wood pallet sporting the traditional open design will be easy to move using a forklift. When the business owner has several squeeze lifts, the thicker body of most plastic pallets would be a better choice.

For help choosing the right pallets for the operation, talk with the team at Crate Master in Austin. After evaluating the needs of the client, it will be easy to recommend a pallet type, size, and design that will provide all the benefits desired.

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