What You Need To Know About Technicians Who Do RV Brake Replacement in The Woodlands TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


If you have an RV, then you are living a dream that many can only fantasize about. Having a home on wheels gives you a special kind of freedom, whether you use your vehicle for weekend camping trips or for travel across the country. However, as with any vehicle, things can go wrong, and it’s important to find a qualified RV technician to help you keep your hotel on wheels on the road as long as possible. An RV technician not only does standard repairs like RV brake replacement in The Woodlands TX, but he or she must also be a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, an HVAC expert, and a host of other jobs.

First of all, a good technician must be a patient listener since RV owners tend to have plenty of travel stories to recount! Then he or she will need to inspect the vehicle and determine what repairs need to be made. Unlike a regular auto mechanic who works in the confines of a garage, the RV technician usually works out in a parking lot as the owner looks on.

Like any auto mechanic, an RV technician has to perform standard repairs on vehicle parts like the engine, the brakes, the axles, and wheels, etc. But unlike an auto mechanic, an RV technician has to know about plumbing. RVs carry their own water supply, usually in a tank, and the water is pumped through a sink, a shower, and a toilet. In addition, some of that water is heated and stored in a hot water tank, and there is also a system for disposing of waste water. An RV technician must know how to find and repair leaks, broken seals, clogged filters, faulty water pumps, and all the tasks a plumber normally performs.

In addition, an RV technician must be an HVAC technician. All RVs need a heating system and one that does a much bigger job than a car’s air conditioner. Not only does an RV need a source of warm air, but it also needs hot water and heat for cooking on the stove. Many RVs use propane gas as a heating fuel both for cooking and for space heat, but some use electric space heaters as well.

If you are looking for RV brake replacement in Woodlands TX or any other type of repair for your RV, check out Sun Cruisin RV to find qualified technicians.

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