What You Need to Know if You Have Spider Veins

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


If you have spider veins, the summer time can be embarrassing.  Your legs have blue, red, or purple veins that you just want to keep hidden.  If you’re tired of hiding your legs, there’s good news! There are new spider vein treatments that are nonsurgical and can be performed in a doctor’s office.

Why Do I Have Spider Veins?

Spider veins are veins that have been damaged and blood can’t pass through them efficiently anymore.  Your spider veins might have appeared during pregnancy or other weight gain.  They can also be caused by spending long stretches on your feet.  And, unfortunately, some people are just genetically inclined to develop spider or varicose veins.

What Can I Do About Them?

There are some exciting new spider vein treatments that are nonsurgical. Because they are nonsurgical, they need no stitching and leave no scars.  They also have almost no recovery time.  As an added bonus, these treatments are performed in the doctor’s office, not a hospital.

Your doctor might decide that using lasers to treat your veins is the best treatment for you.  During these treatments, a laser is used to heat the blood vessels and then seal off the damaged veins.  Over the next 1-4 months, the body removes these veins and they are no longer visible.   The results are gradual, but permanent.

Sclerotherapy is another option your doctor might choose.  In sclerotherapy, an FDA-approved injection is put into the damaged veins.  The legs need to remain elevated for 2-4 hours after the injection, and sometimes multiple injections are necessary.  Bruising or pigmentation might appear, but won’t last long.  Sclerotherapy is sometimes used together with laser treatments.

Which Doctor Should I Use?

When you start the search for doctors who can perform these spider vein treatments, start by seeing which doctors are certified through the American College of Phlebology.  Medical programs don’t always train doctors, nurses, medical assistants, or physician’s assistants in spider and varicose vein treatments.  You’ll want the doctor you consult with to be certified and experienced.

Talk with your doctor about whether or not insurance will cover your treatments.  Be certain to ask any questions you might have about the process.  You should understand how long your course of treatment will last and what you need to do to prepare.  With the right doctor, you’ll feel confident that you have the best spider vein treatment for you.

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