When to Hire an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


When it comes to criminal proceedings for negligent bodily harm, the prosecutor’s office or the judge will decide whether or not the accused is punished. In principle, however, no decision is taken as to whether the accused has to pay other “damages” to the injured party. It is true that the offender must pay a fine at the end of the criminal proceedings. However, this fine does not benefit the victim of the accident. This is when an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie comes in. Whether damages are paid for “pain and suffering”, well, that is a question of civil law. The injured party must prove his/her injuries were solely caused by accident in question by submitting medical proof. After this is done, they must separately file his/her claims with the driver’s insurance company.

Is the hiring of an Accident Attorney in Glen Burnie useful in cases like this? The accusation of negligent personal injury after an accident should never be taken lightly. In particular, because of the serious consequences associated with a driving injury, an attorney with extensive background in personal injury and driving accidents should be hired at the earliest stages of the process. If, after a traffic accident, you have received a summons from the police, it is generally sensible not to provide any information on the matter. An attorney has the right to inspect any legal investigations, which are the cause of the traffic accident. It is only after an inspection has been carried out that the attorney will provide a comprehensive overview, which is exactly what you (the driver) is accused of. It can then be decided which approach is most useful.

With legal help, it is not uncommon for the initiation proceedings to be terminated. The prosecutor must be convinced that it is not necessary to carry out criminal proceedings before the court. There are a number of ways in which court proceedings can be terminated, for example, because of insignificance or innocence. There is also the possibility that the proceedings will be discontinued if the injured party does not wish to file a motion. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group for more details.

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