Workers Compensation Lawyers in Kendallville Indiana Help Clients Dispute Claim Fraud Accusations

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2016


For Workers Compensation Lawyers Kendallville Indiana residents rely on experienced professionals for legal representation. In some cases, an insurer denies a claim because it believes there is evidence of fraud. The person reviewing the claim may have noticed something that often signals a red flag in this regard, or the employer may have expressed skepticism for one reason or another. It may help to learn some factors the insurer and employer look for to determine whether the employee is being truthful.

If the employee says an accident happened but nobody else saw the incident, the insurer may decide there is not enough evidence to support the claim. This is particularly the case if the employee is known to engage in rigorous physical activities outside of work that could have caused the injury. Workers Compensation Lawyers Kendallville Indiana is known for establish the validity of the claim. For instance, they may interview the person’s co-workers to verify that the individual was feeling and acting entirely well upon arriving at work but obviously suffered a painful injury at some point during the shift. This disputes any notion that the person was hurt the night before or on the weekend, and tried to pass it off as a work injury.

Insurers look for discrepancies in the person’s recounting of the incident. If a written statement differs in some noticeable way from a spoken statement, that may be a red flag. Workers compensation lawyers in Kendallville Indiana has available will want to know why the person supplied conflicting information. There may have been a misunderstanding that can be cleared up. The individual may simply have been confused about something, and other evidence or documentation may provide clarification.

Some insurers believe a repeat claim from a previously injured worker is a red flag for fraud. However, lawyers with an organization such as Thomas Law Firm PC in Kendallville Indiana may see this as a warning sign that the work site is perpetually unsafe. Their own investigation may prove that this is the case. The employer should be motivated to take action and prevent even worse episodes from occurring in the future.

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