A Remodeling Company in Naples FL Will Turn an Attic Into a Room, for a Major Jump in Home Value

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Business


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Back in the 90’s, attics were typically reserved for their intended purpose- storage. When the contemporary home decor culture caught on with HGTV, news coverage, and the tough economy forcing homeowner’s to improvise, some new ideas became popularized. One of these is the remodeling of an attic into a bedroom. Work with a Remodeling Company in Naples FL such as EBL Interiors Naples FL to embrace the contemporary trend to find a serious ROI.


Firstly, why is an attic renovation an equity booster? It has been reported that homes are turning multi-generational higher than previous decades. The economic slump has spawned this trend. PEW Social Trends reports that about 36% of adult children ages 18-31 still live with their parents. It is a staggering number. It also makes the attic renovation extremely appealing to new homebuyer’s that want two things:

   *      To offer their adult children some independence

   *      Make more with less

The attic renovation provides an extra room without necessarily forcing an extra room out of downstairs space. The Pew Social Trends report also states that 21.6 million millennials are living at home. Any one of these families caring for an adult child (or two) will be willing to pay a higher retail value for that additional space and that helps anyone now considering changing their modest attic to a mini-bedroom.

The Cost is Low

A new room addition requires new walls, new insulation, and new hook-ups (i.e. electrical). A few of these are handled by the pre-existing attic space. There is no need to add fresh walls though drywall padding is likely needed. The base structure of the walls is already present. Further, the ceiling and flooring are both intact. It is vastly more cost-effective to turn an attic over compared to creating an entire new space from scratch. It also helps promote another bedroom on the flyer when the house goes for sale.

Reach out to a local Remodeling Company in Naples FL for a review and quote. The cost will be fair given the lack of complexity in an attic renovation. The fact that adult children are living at home longer, the renovation may be highly welcomed by a new home buyer.

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