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The management of industrial oils by any of the routes currently available (regeneration or energy recovery) involves, above all, avoiding an environmental impact that would cause hazardous waste. However, beyond that first goal of avoiding environmental damage, if the waste was removed or released, different existing treatments provide added value in terms of utilization of resources, materials or energy contained in the used oil. The regeneration of waste oils allows for formulating new lubricants, while energy recovery allows for an alternative fuel for industrial use. In addition, both processes involve additional benefits

The regeneration of waste oils becomes the final management priority by law and that reintegrates into a new product life cycle. According to estimates, the regeneration process will yield two thirds of the incoming residue back into the system. This means that for every 3 liters of oil that is dumped, 2 liters of fresh oil are obtained. Moreover, different sources say the beneficial effects of the regeneration of waste oils (in relation to the climate change since emissions of CO2) are up to 40%.

Moreover, some companies like Oklahoma Environmental Services, who have compared the process to the recovery of alternative used oil energy, have indicated that the regeneration per ton of waste helps reduce CO2 emissions. In fact, the latest estimates state that oil regeneration prevents 300,000 tons of CO2 per year. With just 4.5 liters of used oil, a company like Environmental Services Oklahoma can save 12 kg or more of CO2 emissions, which is the absorptive capacity of an average adult tree for an entire year. The more oil that is saved, the less harm is done to the ozone.

Different studies can establish the energy value of fuel obtained after the corresponding treatment of waste oils. The U.S. Environmental Agency notes that a gallon (3.7854 liters) of processed used oil processed can be converted to 10.84 kWh. Based on this calculation we can estimate that one liter of used oil contains enough energy to power washing machines on a standard cycle. For more information on oil regeneration or to learn additional information on environmental services in general, visit  today.

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