Business Signs: What are they?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


Business Signs New Port Richey includes signs which identify and/or advertise a commercial venture. Also, a business sign might be an indoor sign like one that lists customer policies, yet typically the phrase business sign will refer to the outdoor type. A few of the more common kinds of business signs utilized by today’s companies include the EMC (Electronic Message Center), billboard, monument, pylon, as well as channel letters.

Channel letters

They’re considered to be a kind of business sign, yet every letter is separate, 3-D and lighted. One commonly witnessed example of channel letter business signs include letters on the top outside wall of a hotel which spell out a hotel’s name. A different logo piece also is generally a part of the channel letters variation of business sign. A few channel letter signs will appear over a doorway of a business like a club or restaurant and the name also may appear channel-style upon the side wall of a structure.

Pylon business signs

Oftentimes, pylon Business Signs New Port Richey are visible and tall and can be seen from the street so they may easily be seen by drivers. Pylon business signs might have the name of only a single company or list multiple companies like signs for many companies situated inside the exact same strip mall shopping center. A few pylon business signs involve a board which lettering may be added to for sales announcements like a fast food restaurant that advertises a message like “Try our fresh deluxe mushroom burger — just $2.99.”

Monument business signs

These signs are low to the ground. A monument type of business sign commonly is situated inside a parking lot or entrance grounds of a business. The monument sign’s bases vary from stone to concrete to synthetic materials. It isn’t uncommon for lettering to be directly placed on a big rock to create a customized monument business sign. An appealing landscaping design of plants and flowers might surround the rock sign.


They’re extremely large business signs which oftentimes involve eye-catching graphics. Due to their size and potential for distracting drivers, many regions have height and additional requirements for billboards like their distance from the street. The EMC (Electronic Message Center) includes a new technology in business signs which provides a complete array of colors and ability to easily change a message. EMC business signs might show just the temperature and time or it might contain a moving scroll of colorful messages and images.

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