How to Overcome a Dental Phobia When Visiting a Dentist in Katy

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Many people are afraid to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, putting off routine dental exams can lead to major tooth problems down the road. During an annual examination, a Dentist Katy looks for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and even oral cancer. When caught early, these problems can usually treated quickly and easily. Those who have a dental phobia, however, don’t schedule these beneficial checkups. There are several things patients can do to help overcome their fear of the dental chair.

Become Educated

One of the easiest ways to overcome a fear of the dentist is by becoming more educated. Many people who are afraid of the dentist are actually afraid of the unknown. Patients who understand what to expect during a procedure are more likely to feel at ease during their appointment. Anyone who is feeling fearful should talk to the dental clinic beforehand. Most dentists will be more than willing to speak with a patient about their upcoming procedure to help them overcome their fear.

Seek Out a Gentle Dentist

To help fearful patients overcome their phobia, many dentists are now offering Gentle Dental Care to their patients. This form of dentistry involves being more compassionate towards the patient. The dentist will take the time to speak to the patient before any treatment. They will also use a gentle touch when doing a procedure. Many gentle dentists offer needle-free injections when administering anesthesia. Knowing their appointment will be painless reduces anxiety levels for most fearful patients.

Ask for Sedation

Even the most fearful patients can visit the dentist without having a panic attack. Many dental clinics now offer sedation dentistry to their most anxious patients. During this type of dentistry, the patient will be either semi or fully sedated for their procedure. Most patients will not remember anything when the sedation wears off. Patients who request to be sedated need to have someone drive them to and from their appointment.

Anyone who has a dental phobia can work to overcome their fear. Becoming more educated about dental procedures, looking for a gentle dentist, and requesting sedation are just a few tips that may help a fearful patient feel more at ease when visiting a local Dentist in Katy.

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