Protect Your Family with DIY Measures and a Mosquito Control Program in Arlington, VA

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2019


According to recent reports, more than 200 different mosquito species live in the United States, making for billions of these common summertime pests. Though they can certainly be a hassle, they’re also dangerous and potentially deadly. Encephalitis, malaria and West Nile virus are only a few of the diseases they’ve been known to carry and transmit. While a professional Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA can help keep the dangers at bay, you can take certain steps on your own to protect your family.

Secure Your Home

Because of their persistence and size, mosquitoes can easily work their way into virtually any home. Be sure doors and windows have seals around them, and inspect those seals for cracks, gaps and other types of damage on a regular basis to keep the critters outside where they belong. Check window screens for tears or gaps as well, and keep doors closed as much as possible.

Keep Repellent on Hand

Repellents may not kill insects like a Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA would, but they can help discourage them from hanging around. Those with DEET are most effective at warding off mosquitoes because this chemical essentially confuses their senses. Bracelets, creams, lotions, sprays and candles are all effective means of protection as long as they contain DEET concentrations of 30 percent or higher.

Take Away Their Breeding Grounds

Mosquitoes are drawn to standing water because it’s the perfect environment for laying their eggs. Keep your gutters clear of debris so they drain properly. Never leave wading pools filled with water when not in use, and be sure to empty out any buckets, flower pots or other items if they happen to collect rainwater. If you notice any persistent puddles in your yard, fill them with dirt and pack it down well.

Since the mosquito population is so high, completely eliminating them is virtually impossible. Securing your home’s interior against them may be the simplest way to protect your family, but the great outdoors is a bit more difficult to keep up with. Get rid of any standing water to prevent excessive breeding as much as possible, and always use repellents when spending time outside. In addition to these DIY options, enlist the help of professional Pest Management Services to fully keep everyone safe from the dangerous illnesses mosquitoes are known to carry.

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