Things to Avoid After a Hair Restoration Procedure

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Hair Restoration


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Have you recently had a hair restoration procedure done in Philadelphia? Then, you must also want to make sure the procedure is a success and that you recover completely and quickly as soon as possible. Well, here are some things to avoid after a hair restoration procedure in Philadelphia to prevent any complications and help your scalp heal.

• Sleeping Flat: Immediately after the procedure, your doctor might instruct you to avoid sleeping flat as this can create pressure around the scalp which then increases the risk of swelling. Instead, you should keep your head elevated while sleeping for a few days.

• Drinking and Smoking: Drinking and smoking are not recommended before the procedure, and it’s the same after the surgery as well. Both of these can affect your recovery time and even cause further discomfort at times.

• Sun Exposure: After the surgery, your scalp is in a fragile and weak state. Exposing it to the sun can easily cause it to burn, which can be quite painful as well. So, avoid going in the sun in NYC, and if you must, then keep it for very brief periods.

• Washing Your Hair: Avoid washing your hair for at least two days after the hair restoration procedure. After that, you can start washing your hair, but do it gently and avoid placing your head under the full pressure or steam of the shower.

• Dyeing Your Hair: Avoid dyeing your hair immediately after the procedure, as dyes contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and affect the success of the surgery.

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