What to Look For in an Industrial PC Manufacturer

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Aug, 2016


There are plenty of harsh work environments in the industrial scene today that, when combined with the delicate nature of electronics, would seem like a tech specialist’s nightmare. These include welding sparks, food processing byproducts, the hazards of construction, and the baking heat and pouring rain of the outdoors workspace.

But the truth is that for every harsh environment – be it due to heat, water, pressure, or dust – there’s a specialized industrial-grade chassis and PC designed specifically to keep up with it all and perform the functions that administrators and tech experts need to perform at the workplace, hard hat et al.

But while PCs might come in tougher clothing, so to speak, the quality of that clothing is extremely important. As per Industrial Safety Solutions, an industrial environment is very harsh. Another danger, as per ECMWeb, is electrostatic discharge from which a proper chassis and precaution can protect.

With just one crack in the armor, your processing unit could be ruined.  To make things worse, you could lose the data on your company PCs hard drive. That might not be much of an issue with cloud-based systems, but computer components are still pricey. Keeping them safe means finding a quality manufacturer for your company’s industrial-grade PC.

Ask for Certifications

Safety and product quality is a big deal in harsh working environments, and that goes for the equipment as much as it does for the people. If you’re looking for a quality provider of your very own industrial-grade tablet PC and other electronics, like PanelPCPro, then their certifications as a quality company are a start.

Read Testimonials

What do the customers have to say? Obviously, the best judge of a quality product is that product’s owner. If a prospective manufacturer has some reviews of its products available online, then those reviews can help you make a final decision when it comes to deciding which manufacturer to trust the most.

Older companies are another plus. The longer a company has been around, the more likely it is that they’re still in business due to the quality of their service and product.

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