3 Types of Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Neuropathy can cause weakness or numbness in the body, including the extremities like the hands or the feet. In addition to seeking help from their regular physicians, many patients head to their podiatrists to get specialized Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL for their feet. The goal is always to protect the feet and make sure that injury doesn’t occur to make the situation even worse.


As with many medical concerns, over-the-counter pain medication can offer relief. If this type of medicine isn’t helping, there are prescription medications that may be more effective as an option for Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL. Because there are several side effects associated with any type medicine that is used as a long-term solution, it’s important to talk to a doctor for more information and to find out what alternatives are available should one not work out.

Nerve Stimulation

For those that aren’t interested in medication, nerve stimulation may offer some relief. Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation, also known as TENS, sends small amounts of electricity to the affected area, including the feet. The goal is to interrupt the pain signals that these parts of the body are sending to the brain. Click here for more details.


If the goal is to avoid medication and the TENS isn’t an option, patients may receive special padding for their shoes or even a cast that goes around the foot to help with the pain management. These can be used on a daily basis or even while a person is sleeping to help deal with the symptoms of neuropathy. Each one is personalized to each of the patients as part of their personalized care.

It’s important for patients to explore different Neuropathy Treatments in Bolingbrook IL to find out which works best for their specific needs. Not all treatments will work for everyone. If you’ve been dealing with neuropathy and have been experiencing pain or numbness in your feet, contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Bolingbrook IL. You can learn more about testing options, treatment options, and what can be done to help you reach the desired comfort level. There are lots of ways that you can take care of your feet and continue to manage your overall health.

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