Keep That Home Warm With Superior Residential Heating Repair in La Verne CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


There are several ways that a property owner can heat a home such as radiant heating and split appliances, but the most common comfort appliance in use is the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. HVAC systems are a forced air or centralized system that makes use of ducts to supply the treated air. This is actually an extension of earlier methods of heating based on the furnace. There are two basic types of furnaces available. The first creates heat through electrical resistance and the second does so by burning a fuel such as natural gas. Generating heat requires a controlling switch known as a thermostat. Unfortunately, this switch can fail and force the need for Residential Heating Repair in La Verne CA.

Furnaces function by creating heat in a combustion or heating chamber. The heat is then transferred to the ducts by the heat exchanger. Heat exchangers are part of the HVAC plenum that connects to the blower system and air ducts. When the furnace is combined with an air conditioner, it creates a situation that may pose a danger. Air that is moving through the plenum can collect dust and other flammable materials. Whenever the AC is operating, it can cause this junk to settle in the combustion area of the furnace. This material could burst into flames when the furnace is first ignited and is one reason that experts such as Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning suggest annual maintenance and cleaning.

Other reasons that the furnace may require Residential Heating Repair in La Verne CA include a faulty ignition switch or broken heating element. Many newer HVAC systems use an electronic ignition system. These tend to be fairly reliable and they do not waste fuel like a standing pilot light can. However, electronic components such as the Piezoelectric system can fail after repeated usage. Heating elements for electric furnaces can be under a lot of stress. Continued changes between hot and cold can stress the materials that the element is made from and this will eventually cause them to break. Broken elements cannot complete a circuit and this is necessary for proper function. Electrical resistance is the property of conductive materials that inhibit the flow of electricity. All metals have this property to some degree. However, certain alloys provide more resistance and function better for heating elements.

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