Wall graphics; what are they and how are they used?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Feb, 2015


Wall graphics have grown into a very popular form of interior design; they are commonly employed by professional interior decorators as well as homeowners. Wall graphics in St. Augustine are most often designed for and used for high impact; they are available in a number of forms which include vinyl stickers, wall decals as well as stencils. Most wall graphics are pre-made; they consist of letters, whole words, many different images even including popular children’s cartoon characters and abstract designs to meet the whim and fancy of anyone.

Common wall graphics in St. Augustine are pre-made and pre-cut vinyl or plastic as well as decals. Regardless of the material they can be had in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Other ways of producing wall graphics or wall art is through the use of hand painted letters and shapes using stencils. The whole concept of designer wall art is free form; it can use any combination of prints, paintings, framed photos and stickers which can depict any popular phrase or inspirational message.

Wall graphics are used for impact, for more impact again some homeowners opt for large, energetic prints. Often these vinyl wall stickers are depictions of sports action, entertainment or pure fantasy. Many homes will have a wall in the house that is dedicated to the family; the wall will use a combination of family photos, vinyl letters and unique graphics which depict the essence of the family.

Wall graphics in St. Augustine are not unique to home use, they are often a component of a design in a commercial enterprise. Large offices often turn to wall graphics to mark the specific offices, making it easy for visitors and employees alike to navigate through the halls and floors, finding the department they need. It is not just offices, in many cases graphic designs rather than words will be used in health care facilities, etc to indicate the location of rest rooms, waiting areas and cafeterias; graphics are ideal for facilities of this nature as often visitors are not familiar with the English language and respond better to graphics.

Many businesses use wall graphics for advertising and promotional purposes. Retail stores will use eye catching wall graphics in St. Augustine to display sales and advertising, they are also used to create a mood or atmosphere that is conducive to their customers and staff; this is often the case in fashion stores.

Wall graphics in St. Augustine can be used for domestic and commercial buildings either as decor or to send a message to visitors and customers.

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